CORPORATE TRAINING admin@gotezu July 1, 2022


Induction training is like an orientation program, where new employees are introduced to the rules and regulations of the organization to make them familiar with the working environment.

Gotezu conducted induction training at IMT Nagpur on 21 June 2022, to initiate employees in the expectations, performance, and culture of the Company. Gotezu’s structured employee induction training helps to have higher productivity within the workforce, as the new employee may be able to add value to the business sooner if they can hit the ground running.

It also provides activities for TEAM BUILDING so that new employees establish good communication with managers and team members. It has the best team-building activities and training to enhance human capital. It helps employees to be motivated and work in a better and more efficient manner. It offers tailored programs which meet both employee and organizational needs which makes it the best team-building company in India. Also, helps in the CAMPUS TO CORPORATE transition

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